Safety, Chapter 1

IMG_5074So, this evening I’m going to write about a safety concern I have.  It’s something I run across almost every single day that I’m out walking dogs.  It’s dogs tied up outside of stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.  It’s never a good idea, but as owners it is our choice to make.  Apparently it is still legal in NYC as long as it is not for an extended period.  However, the picture you see to the left is of three dogs tied up outside Rite Aid at the corner of 20th street and 8th Ave in Chelsea…by their walker.  I saw him tether them and then go in.  Since I had no dogs with me, I went in behind him to see whether he’d even be able to see them from where he was in the store.  Sadly, he went deep into the aisles.  He would have no way of knowing whether they were involved in a scuffle or stolen.  I waited to see how long he would be.  It was well over 10 minutes.  I feel quite confident the owners of these dogs don’t mean to pay this walker to shop while their dogs are completely unattended.  In fact, I have 2 dogs, and I hire someone completely independent from my service to walk them each day.  If I saw my dogs tied up outside a store in this fashion, there is no explanation that would stop me from firing her immediately.  Literally anything could happen.  This is New York City, you know.

IMG_5063Some of you may remember seeing this flier around Chelsea and the surrounding hoods.  I spoke to witnesses, and though the flier says otherwise, the dog was tied up outside while the owner was inside.  That’s how this happens.  It’s a tragedy, and it is very easily avoided.  In fact there is only one thing you have to do…don’t let go of the leash.  That’s it.  I know we are busy people in a busy city.  I know we think we have the best behaved dog in the world.  Unfortunately, when we are not holding the leash, there is nothing we can do to keep our dog safe.  When our back is turned, we cannot prevent a tragedy because we don’t know it’s happening.  I am addressing this to dog owners (like myself).  This should go entirely without saying for professional dog walkers (LIKE MYSELF), but I have seen it so many times.

I’ve seen walkers, as with the previous example, tie dogs up while going in to shop…we should shop on our own time.  I’ve seen walkers who tie dogs up outside buildings while they go in to get another…if the building doesn’t allow non-resident dogs to enter, then we have to make some other arrangement.  I’ve seen walkers tie dogs up while entering a coffee shop to get a coffee…this is obviously not OK.

So, what’s my point?  My point is this:  as owners we have a responsibility to our dogs.  As walkers we have a responsibility to our clients and to their dogs.  We can’t be so naive as to think ‘it won’t happen to me’, and we can’t be so lazy as to think ‘I know it could happen to me, but I’m really pressed for time/I’m really in the mood for a coffee now/I really need to buy some toothpaste now’.  It’s not worth the risk.

Please don’t tie your dogs up outside in NYC.  It just isn’t safe.