Chelsea Dog Walking Interviews – Ernie

IMG_1324The following interview was conducted on June 11th, 2013 in New York City while walking through Chelsea, a lovely downtown Manhattan neighborhood.  Ernie is a beautiful, older lab/hound mix who has been enjoying daily walks and frequent overnight sits from Mike’s Walkers since 2005.

Mike Davis:  So, Ern.  We’ve known each other, you and I, for quite a while now.  First, I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to allow me to interview you.  Though we are old friends, it’s still an honor.  It might be a little odd for you.  I will ask questions you know I already know the answers to.  However, I want the readers of this blog to hear it straight from the dog’s mouth….your thoughts in your own words.  So, without further ado – tell me a few things you like about living in Chelsea.

Ernie:  A few things I like about living in Chelsea.  Wow – where to begin?  It’s a great neighborhood for humans, no doubt, but it’s also pretty sweet being a dog here.  I have a lot of great friends here, and people in this neighborhood really love to say Hi to me.  I’m sure the facts that I’m friendly and exceedingly attractive help, but it’s also a super dog-friendly part of the city.  Additionally, there’s quite a lot for me here in Chelsea.  Good solid vets, great groomers, nice boutiques, there’s a great dog park by Chelsea Piers.

MD:  Have you ever lived in any other NYC hoods?

Ernie:  No, but a lot of my friends lived in other areas before moving to Chelsea, and they are all very pleased here.  I lived in DC when I was very young.  In fact, I was rescued by my humans there, but I don’t really remember much about that.  It was a long time ago, especially in dog years.

MD:  Yes, especially in dog years.  You mentioned great groomers, vets, boutiques and such.  Do you have any recommendations for pups or dogs new to Chelsea?

Ernie:  Absolutely I do.  Let’s see.  Well, the vet I go to is West Chelsea Veterinary.  You know that because you’ve taken me for a few visits over the years.  They’re really nice there.  They have a huge, super cool facility, and the staff is outstanding.  Plus, it’s right across the street from Chelsea Television Studios.  Rachel Ray films there, and I think she’s a pretty sparkly human.

MD:  Sure, I know what you mean (not sure I know what he means).

ernieErnie:  As for groomers, there are several great ones.  Downtown Doghouse ( is excellent.  The owner Nancy and I go way back.  Towne House Grooming is one I’ve gone to many times as well – (  The folks there are super nice and great at what they do.

MD:  And boutiques…which is your favorite?

Ernie:  Oh, that’s easy.  Paws down my favorite is The Barking Zoo (  Jordan there is a really nice fella, and they always have a bowl of water out front.  I think they put it there just for me.  Maybe not, but I do my best to empty it each day regardless.

MD:  So, how about a little personal info?  What are a few things you look forward to each day?  Do you have any hobbies?

Ernie:  Well, when I was younger, as you surely recall, I was a fetching fiend.  I can certainly still do it, but back then no one was faster!  I’ve also always had a deep interest in chasing lights on walls and reflections.  A laser pointer just does it for me – what can I tell you?

Something I really look forward to each day is getting a treat from my building’s doorman Ron at the end of my mid-day walk.  That guy is THE BEST!  He’s always ready for me, and he always has “the good stuff.”  Seriously….love that guy!

MD:  Well, Ernie, thank you very much for your time and your candor.  You’re good stuff, my friend.  It was a pleasure.

Ernie:  So are you, Mike.  The pleasure was all mine.