Puppydog Poop Mitts, a Mike’s Walkers product review

puppydogpoopmittHello all.  I’m writing my first ever product review.  Pablo  from Puppydog Products kindly sent me a pack of their Puppydog Poop Mitts to try.  Over the past few weeks I and my walkers and several of my clients have been using them, and (spoiler alert) they are great!  Here’s why:

  • The size is perfect in my humble opinion.  I have used MANY different implements for picking up poop over the years.  Some have worked well, some have worked abysmally, and some have been adequate.  What I have normally used over the past 7-8 years are food preparation gloves.  I really like them, but whenever I’ve given them to my walkers, many of them find that they’re too small, and it’s tough to get them off your hand without a disaster.  Many of the rolled bags for use in those bone shaped holders are way bigger than you’d normally need.  Sure, they’re awesome if you have a Great Dane or a Bernese Mountain dog, but otherwise I feel guilty just picking up one dog’s poop per bag.  These mitts from Puppydog Products are a great size…good fit for almost any hand and big enough for most BMs without entering the realm of overkill.
  • The shape is great.  Mitt is the way to go.  The shapeless bags that come in rolls are generally unwieldy.  The food service gloves I have sworn by for over half a decade have fingers which offer facility, but can result in ‘drops’.  The mitt catches everything with ease!
  • They are durable.  Seriously, this is very important.  I have yet to have a tear-through.  Sometimes what you’re dealing with may require you to ‘swipe’ a little over the sidewalk.  Experience has taught me to be very gentle with that swipe in order not to compromise the bag and find myself wishing I had remembered to carry my hand sanitizer!  However, these mitts are as strong as they need to be, so you don’t have to be overly careful.  That said, I double bag when in doubt…professional tip from me to you!
  • They are biodegradable.  It’s 2013.  They should be, and they are.

There you have it.  Puppydog Products Poop Mitts are available for purchase directly from the website www.puppydogproducts.com in a variety of quantities at totally reasonable prices.  Also, Pablo did not ask me for this review.  I really like this product, and I decided it was worth telling you about.