A Letter From a Happy Chelsea Dog Walking Client

I want to share a letter I received today from a happy dog walking client.  I will let the letter speak for itself.  Suffice it to say, I am happy as well.

“Hi Mike,

I haven’t had time to write before now, but I wanted to extol Sam’s deligence and empathy in caring for my dog.  Last Friday, when I was working 24hrs and Sam was dog sitting, there was a fire in my building.  This knocked out all of the elevators.  Sam climbed the 37 floors to reach McKinley.  I don’t know many individuals who show this degree of committment to their job.  When I contacted him regarding this issue, he good naturedly responded he ‘needed the exercise’.  I’m impressed with your service, particuarly with Sam’s performance.

Awesome, right?!  Nice work, Sam.