A Letter From a Happy Chelsea Dog Walking Client

I want to share a letter I received today from a happy dog walking client.  I will let the letter speak for itself.  Suffice it to say, I am happy as well.

“Hi Mike,

I haven’t had time to write before now, but I wanted to extol Sam’s deligence and empathy in caring for my dog.  Last Friday, when I was working 24hrs and Sam was dog sitting, there was a fire in my building.  This knocked out all of the elevators.  Sam climbed the 37 floors to reach McKinley.  I don’t know many individuals who show this degree of committment to their job.  When I contacted him regarding this issue, he good naturedly responded he ‘needed the exercise’.  I’m impressed with your service, particuarly with Sam’s performance.

Awesome, right?!  Nice work, Sam.

Chelsea Dog Walking Nirvana

IMG_7617Let’s face it…life in NYC can be a challenge.  It’s a busy place, and we’re busy people.  Dialing it down is rarely an option, and most of us go to bed thinking about the things on our list we were unable to get to.  Here’s some good news, however.  YOU HAVE A DOG!!!  I know, I know.  That’s just one more thing added to your already-too-long to-do list, right?  Well, that’s true only if you choose to look at it that way.  Walks with your dog can also be your oasis in the urban desert if you’re willing to follow a few easy suggestions.

  1. Don’t multitask when you walk your dog.  Again, I am aware you have a million errands that are not going to run themselves.  Everyday I see people barely able to hold on to their dog’s leash – let alone to their dry cleaning, bags from the drug store and a latte.  If you do those things before or after the walk instead of during, you will be amazed how relaxing your time with your dog can be.  Your buddy will notice the difference as well.
  2. Leave your phone at home.  This is a tough one, but it really wasn’t that long ago that we weren’t reachable while we were walking our dog.  Trading your dog’s leash for your electronic leash a few times per day will provide you with a much needed break from the rest of the world.  I love my iPhone, don’t get me wrong, but that thing is my phone, email/text/Facebook/etc machine, my camera.  Just knowing it’s in your purse or pocket means you’re still ‘connected’.  Actually leaving it at home for the duration of the walk is like a vacation in this day and age…maybe better since we tend to take our devices to the pool and beach these days!
  3. Take your time.  There’s a certain pace many of us in Chelsea maintain during a normal day.  It’s pretty quick.  It seems like if we walk too slowly, we’ll miss a train or get stuck waiting for a light to change.  Try to let that go while you’re out with your dog.  Find a pace that works for the 2 of you, and don’t worry about whether you’re stuck at a light.  That’s a nice time to work on ‘sit’ or catch up on some head patting you’ve been meaning to get to!  You have nowhere to be except the place where you started.  Take your time.

That’s it.  That’s all it takes to achieve nirvana.  Well…Chelsea dog walking nirvana anyway.  The path is the goal, right?  Hope this helps!!