Client Testimonials

IMG_5483“Mike and his walkers are simply superb.  He and his walkers are dependable, professional, and completely devoted to the care of their animals.  My husband and I picked Mike after studying several walkers at the local dog park.  There really was no competition, Mike was the best.  We’re just glad he didn’t turn us down.” – Sean and Steve (Chelsea dog-walking client)

Mike and his team are professional, organized and very on top of things – any time there were minor changes I was notified immediately. I was so pleased with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone. I knew my dog was in good hand’s with Mike’s team.” – Laura C (Nolita dog-walking client)

“I never worry when I know Mike is taking care of my boys. In addition to being great with dogs, he’s the most reliable guy I know—over 8 years his service has been flawless.” – Josh R. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“Mike’s Walkers were lifesavers when I was visiting NYC and needed someone to walk my two dogs after I had eye surgery! One of Mike’s walkers, Brian, came that day and the next and the dogs loved him! He made my recovery all the more easy! I highly recommend them and would definitely use their services again!” – Janet R. (Tribeca via London Dog-Walking client)

“I’ve tried other dog walkers in the past but now that I’ve found Mike & his team I’ve found the best! They are caring and reliable. I trust them completely with my dog. I highly recommend them to anyone.” – Greg S. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“I have enjoyed working with Mike and his team for the last 6 months! He is very attentive, caring and dependable. I went to work each day knowing my puppy was in good hands with his team!  He instructs his walkers to give a text message after each walk. I always looked forward to receiving the updates!  I hope that he expands to Brooklyn where I am moving now!” – Lindsay F. (Soho dog-walking client)

“Hi Mike, I haven’t had time to write before now, but I wanted to extol Sam’s deligence and empathy in caring for my dog.  Last Friday, when I was working 24hrs and Sam was dog sitting, there was a fire in my building.  This knocked out all of the elevators.  Sam climbed the 37 floors to reach McKinley.  I don’t know many individuals who show this degree of committment to their job.  When I contacted him regarding this issue, he good naturedly responded he ‘needed the exercise’.  I’m impressed with your service, particuarly with Sam’s performance.” – Michael M. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

IMG_5054“Mike and his team know their dogs, as a species and individually.  It’s a joy to see them on the street interacting with dogs of all shapes and sizes.  We have been trusting them with our Shih-tzu since puppyhood, and have faith that with Mike and his team, our little guy will get his mid-day exercise, have fun encounters with his 4-legged and 2-legged buddies on the street, and receive the attention and care of good people who get his personality and understand his needs.  Mike keeps excellent contact with us, and is always very accommodating should special health issues come up.  We recommend his services without hesitation! – Ron D. and Terry C. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“Mike and all his walkers have taken excellent care of our dog for several years. Baxter is given not only exercise but also genuine affection, which I have witnessed first-hand. Scheduling is flexible and they are able to accomodate last-minute and special reqests. I would not hesitate to reccommend Mike’s Walkers.” – Stephen B. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“Ryan was amazing; he clearly took great care of Archie and paid special attention to the house.  He’s a great dog care provider, and it made our trip that much less stressful knowing that someone was caring for Archie in the same way we would.  Again, we are very appreciative of the short notice service and will highly recommend your service.” – Brian and Mallory S. (Hell’s Kitchen pet-sitting client)

“When I moved from Los Angeles to NYC for work, I was very worried my Weimeraner, Olive, would not adjust very well.  Thank goodness for Mike.  He is always reliable and never missed a day of walking and hanging out with her.  The Weimaraners are a peculiar breed, they are very attached to their owners and have been known to have severe separation anxiety.  Lets just say when Mike came to pick Olive up she never looked back!  Mike became part of the family and I could not have asked for anything else!” – Matt U. (West Village dog-walking client)

IMG_3191“I have been using Mike’s Walkers for almost 6 years and I would not trust anyone else with walking and taking care of my English Bulldog and neither would he. Professional and true dog lovers. I could not recommend him more to anyone who is looking for a dog walker.” – Jessica M. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“Mike Davis of Mikes Walkers has been a great addition of my ‘go to’ people when I need things made easier for me in this crazy city.
 He and his Walkers have been taking care of my Yellow Lab Titus for several years now.  He is just about to turn 15 and needless to say requires lots of extra time and patience getting him up and out for a walk.  Mike’s people are loving and compassionate pet owners, and they treat my dog as I would.  Whenever I have needed a ‘special’ walk, or extra dinner walks etc., Mike has made arrangements for this to happen.  He is extremely responsible, always reachable and has provided me with great walkers for my dog over the years.  At holidays and special times of the year he reaches out in advance to see if I have any special needs.  I can’t say enough good things about him.  If your crazy in love with your dog…..this is the guy you want taking care of it.” – Allen B. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“We have been with Mike’s Walkers for almost a year. I called Mike right before we adopted our dog– It must have been dinner time, but he patiently spent over half an hour on the phone with me, answering my questions and giving advice about getting ready for our puppy to come home. He made me feel like this was more than a daily walk– we had a support system of people who care for our pets like family. The whole team has been wonderful in every way.” – Sara S. (Soho dog-walking client)

“Lets just say that my dog Hurricane was ummm “special” and slightly bi-polar in attitude. I work crazy hours and I was scared to entrust Hurricane with anyone more because I wasn’t sure if he would “take” to anyone. Mike was his buddy of all buddies. Hurricane would never show excitement towards anything or anybody. He liked to play hard to get, but when he was with Mike he glowed. Mike’s easy going temper along with his consistent professional manner formed an incredible bond between an incredibly special dog and an even more special man. I feel that anyone animal or person is simply lucky to be in the company of Mike.” – Jes G. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

IMG_5041“100% recommend Mike’s Walkers.  We have relied on Mike and his team for several years now and they have never failed to come through with a walk or a dog sit for our two dogs, including one senior.  Mike and his team are mindful, respectful, patient and trustworthy.  He and his team truly love what they do and it shows.  I don’t think you can do any better.” – Sean D. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

“Mike’s walkers are hands down the best! Mike and his carefully vetted walkers are kind, funny and very dog-centric. They have been walking my silver standard poodle for three years and whenever Beo sees Mike or one of the walkers, she is absolutely delighted! She comes home from her walks happy and calm. Mike works to find a good routine for your dog, pays attention to your pup’s health and well being and is scrupulously honest and straightforward- and always friendly and kind. We’d have him take care of our kids if he did that, too!” – Ruth F. (Chelsea dog-walking client)

Mike and his gang are reliable, considerate and the dogs love him/them.  I have used services that have left me high and dry multiple times, and in 5 years with Mike’s Walkers I have never had a complaint.  Whatever my needs (dog’s needs), Mike has been there.  Including additional walks when a puppy was brought home, weekend service and the occasional long stay vacation.  Can’t be positive enough in a city that isn’t always that positive.” – Trent H. (Chelsea dog-walking client)