Mike’s Walkers is an established and well-loved pet-sitting and dog-walking company (read what our clients say about us HERE), and we are seeking exceptional dog walkers and pet sitters to add to our great staff.

We are currently seeking the following staff:

Daily Dog Walkers — This is a fit for people with the same daily availability Mon-Fri.  The number of hours you are available each day is not important.  What is important is that we’ll be able to pair you with clients who need walks Mon-Fri during the same daily time slots. Morning/Evening, Weekend, Fill-in and Pet-sitter work is also available to Daily Dog Walkers.

IMG_0223Fill-in Dog Walkers — You have a flexible enough schedule to fill in for regular walkers when they travel or are sick. Additionally, you are available to accommodate a la carte requests.  Quick communicators do well as fill-in dog walkers!  Most Daily Dog Walkers begin as Fill-in Dog Walkers.

Early Morning/Evening Dog Walker — You are available for walks/pet visits before 10am and/or after 6pm. These visits are generally not regularly scheduled but rather are a la carte.

Pet-sitter — You are available to stay overnight in clients’ homes and care for their dogs/cats between dinner time and morning.

**Please note that ‘Daily Dog Walker’ is typically a very part-time position (1-3 dogs per day) to start. More dogs are possible as business and your skills increase.**

Who you are:

  • You love and respect animals.  Above all else, this is the most important quality you possess.
  • You are honorable, dependable, independent, self-motivated, punctual and responsible.  This is an honor system job, and you are someone who can put yourself in the clients’ shoes.  They tell us what is important to them and establish the timing and routine of each visit, and they rightly expect you as the pet care provider to respect their homes, pets, preferences, and wishes.
  • You are organized and a great communicator.  You will have direct contact with each client, and they love walkers who can clearly express themselves when sharing a cute story from the walk or describing the symptoms of a seemingly ill pet.  You are also quick to respond, whether to us or to the client.
  • You are friendly and enthusiastic.  You will interact with people on the street, clients, and building staff.  It’s a social business, and you LOVE it!
  • You are unfazed by inclement weather. As you can imagine, we see it all – rain, snow, sleet, heat, etc.
  • You are comfortable working with dogs of every breed and size.  Don’t worry – you won’t be asked to deal with a dangerous situation!
  • You know not to smoke, listen to headphones or stare at your smart phone while walking a dog.  Plenty of walkers out there do all of these things and worse while walking dogs in NYC, but not you!  You focus on the dog and the city around you.
  • You have a working and reliable cell phone as well as daily access to the internet.
  • You are able to easily pass a criminal/background check.
  • If you are applying to become a daily walker, you plan on being part of the team for at least 6 months.

There are no full-time positions available at Mike’s Walkers.  Positions are either regular part-time or else sporadic part-time.  That said, daily dog walkers can and often do enjoy a steady schedule once they are paired with clients whose needs are consistent.  This has proven to be a GREAT job for creative folks pursuing their artistic dreams.  Just take a look at our AWESOME STAFF!

IMG_1894If you are interested in joining the Mike’s Walkers team, please send us an email/cover letter with your animal experience as well as a little (or a lot) about you.  Include which position(s) you are interested in, your availability, when you could start, what neighborhood you live in, and any other information that would be helpful in considering you.  Please attach your resume to the email.  Both a cover letter and a resume are required in order to be considered for an interview.  Dont’ worry if your resume lacks specific pet care experience.  Tell me in your cover letter why you’re right for the job anyway!


Send email to:  Please do not call or text.


Mike, owner – Mike’s Walker