Meet the walkers

IMG_4828Mike grew up in a small Texas town.  There were always animals…dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish.  During high school Mike worked at a grooming shop.  He started as a washer, and he eventually learned enough to handle a few clients on his own.  He studied music at the University of North Texas and then moved to NYC in 1998.  He began walking dogs in 1999 and started Mike’s Walkers in 2002.  He is also an accomplished bassist who composes, performs and records his original jazz music.  He has 2 chihuahuas, a wife and a son!

IMG_6139Having grown up in Queens, Ryan is a rare breed at Mike’s Walkers – a native New Yorker!  He is a true animal lover, and an exceptionally attentive and organized person.  His childhood dogs were a pomeranian and a golden retriever, and he currently has a grey tabby he calls his ‘partner in crime’.  He attended Hunter College and earned a BA in Languages, Literature and Criticism.

IMG_3456Justine is from Wisconsin and has just returned from a year living in Italy where she raised a litter of puppies on a farm in Sicily! She’s always had dogs and cats, and right now her parents still have the four cats and one of the dogs she grew up with.  She is a fine artist who loves oil painting and marble sculpting, and does a bit of writing and photography on the side.  She also plays the ukulele!

Karen grew up in Austin, Texas with three older siblings, two fox terriers, one airdale terrier, one blue heeler/australian shepherd mutt, two cats, several rodents, and a snake. Karen has one cat, Tex, and is currently getting her graduate degree in vocal jazz studies at Queens College. She loves eating food she can’t pronounce and strives to learn as much about other cultures and their customs. 

IMG_3965Bob grew up in Brooklyn, NY and is currently a long-time resident of Chelsea.   There was always a family dog or two around while growing up – plus a cat, some mice and some reptiles (not all at the same time).   Currently Bob is a proud parent to his ASPCA rescue cat, Banana.  When he isn’t walking dogs, Bob works for a staffing agency, assisting with personnel placement in the legal industry.

IMG_3995Lauren grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She had a family dog, a pit-greyhound mix named Katerina as well as a rabbit, a hamster and a fish! Although she doesn’t have any pets, Lauren has been a dog walker since 2013. She is currently studying acting at Actors Connection and The Barrow Group. When she isn’t acting and walking pups, Lauren enjoys fashion and rock climbing!

IMG_5032William is originally from Harlem, and he’s proud to still call Harlem his home.  His last dog was an exuberant, loving and extremely smart rat terrier/chihuahua mix. In addition to walking dogs,  William teaches dance on the adjunct faculty at Adelphi College on Long Island, and he’s danced professionally for many years, traveling the world in the process.

IMG_3020Mallory was born and raised in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn. She has a BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and a degree in Classic Pastry Arts from the International Culinary Center. She currently manages the NY branch of Trapped in a Room With a Zombie. She had a beautiful precious pooch named Midnight for nearly 12 glorious years.

IMG_6231Richard is a native New Yorker born and raised in Chelsea, and he’s pretty sure he loves dogs to a fault.  In college he studied fine art with a concentration in ceramics.  He plans to attend culinary school and hopes to eventually become a chef.  He is a fan of metal, a life-long Buddhist, and a gentle soul.

IMG_5139Victoria grew up in Brooklyn, NY with her beloved kitty Spots. She graduated from St. Francis College with a BA in Psychology and currently also works at Trapped in a Room With a Zombie. When she’s not running her Etsy store, Queen Beans, she’s running around with her newer and moodier kitty, Tabitha Grace.