IMG_5593Daily Dogwalks – Daily dogwalks are what we at Mike’s Walkers have done day-in and day-out for more than a decade now.  We come to your home and take your buddy (or buddies) out each weekday at the appointed time for exercise, fresh air and ‘relief’.  At the end of the walk the water bowl is refreshed, paws are wiped and naps are resumed!  We can also leave a note to let you know how things went or send a text if you like.  Punctuality and communication are very important to us, and we know they are to you as well.  Let us know your special needs, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

IMG_5581Puppy visits – Puppy visits are generally around 30 minutes in length and consist of playing with the new pup as well as replacing soiled wee-wee pads and cleaning any mess that might have missed the pad.  This time also provides a nice opportunity for the walker and the pup to get to know each other and to reinforce any training that has begun.  Additionally, we can help you with house-training with a transition plan from pad to street, and we can also help you implement excellent leash etiquette as your dog begins to go on walks.  In no time at all your pup will have all of his shots, be off the wee wee pads and be out on the streets making new friends!

Cat visits – Cat visits include feeding, refreshing water bowls, cleaning the litter box and socializing.  We are also happy to administer medications and brush your feline friend.  Additionally, if you are out of town, we can bring in mail and packages, turn lights on/off, etc.  Just let us know!

IMG_7892House-sitting – Our goal when house-sitting is to make your absence as uneventful for your pets as possible.  We will stay at your place over night beginning in the evening at normal “after-work” time and be there through the morning.  The service also includes all feedings and all daytime walks.  We are also more than happy to water your plants and bring in your mail, packages and newspapers.  Basically, life is as normal as possible for your canine friend while you are away!

We are currently available to provide regular service to the following New York City neighborhoods:

  • Chelsea
  • West Village
  • SoHo
  • TriBeCa
  • East Village
  • Gramercy
  • Flatiron
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Greenwich Village

Zip codes include: 10011, 10014, 10013, 10012, 10003, 10010, 10001, 10016, 10018