Mike’s Walkers – Pup of the week, Sep 12

Welcome to the first installment of Mike’s Walkers – Pup of the week! Our first honoree is named Willow. She’s a sweet, beautiful English Springer Spaniel, and we love her to pieces.

This photo was taken by her Chelsea dog walker Justine.

Logan’s Run…to the groomer!

IMG_4771I’m not officially adding a service to our list, but I did transport long-time client Logan from the office in Manhattan to his groomer in Brooklyn yesterday.  His human had asked if one of the walkers would be able to take him there in a care service, but I offered to do it myself.  I have a car, it was fun, and I had the time…AND I couldn’t resist snapping a selfie!  We’ve been taking care of this stately, bearded fellow for more than a decade now, and it was awesome to get to spend a little time with him yesterday.  He’s such good company that I wasn’t even bothered by NYC traffic!  BTW, I was not driving when I took this photo!!  Hands-free all the way, folks.

Dogs are good for us

I’ve added a new book to my list, Dog Medicindog-medicine.w250e: How My Dog Saved Me From Myself.  It looks great and appears to tell a tale that won’t surprise us animal people – dogs are good for the soul.  I’m sure anyone reading this post is enough of a dog person to have felt the healing effect of canine companionship  during hard emotional times.  I’m looking forward to reading this.

Additionally, this article references research wherein science supports what we dog folks already intuitively know.  “Science is moving in the same direction, with research suggesting that dogs bring down stress levels, encourage physical activity and reduce depression.”

A Letter From a Happy Chelsea Dog Walking Client

I want to share a letter I received today from a happy dog walking client.  I will let the letter speak for itself.  Suffice it to say, I am happy as well.

“Hi Mike,

I haven’t had time to write before now, but I wanted to extol Sam’s deligence and empathy in caring for my dog.  Last Friday, when I was working 24hrs and Sam was dog sitting, there was a fire in my building.  This knocked out all of the elevators.  Sam climbed the 37 floors to reach McKinley.  I don’t know many individuals who show this degree of committment to their job.  When I contacted him regarding this issue, he good naturedly responded he ‘needed the exercise’.  I’m impressed with your service, particuarly with Sam’s performance.

Awesome, right?!  Nice work, Sam.